Name:Vincent Valentine
Title:Lieutenant, EDF Elements, member Avalanche
Race:Altered human, Sleeper

Birthplace: Kalm, East Continent, Rashin
Age:Biological, 60, apparent, 27
Occupation:Marksman, Gunsmith, EDF Officer

Physical description:Vincent is a chilling presence not for his size, with a height of 6'2" but a slender build, but for his undead appearance. The victim of a cruel science experiement, Vincent was resurrected by the madman who killed him, forever robbing him of the ability to look fully human again. Instead, he wears a death pallor, further emphasized by his long black hair. His preferred costume of black leathers with a blood red cloak whose collar can be fastened to cover the lower part of his face, a loosely tied red headband, and steel-toed boots only add to his threatening presence. His left arm was removed during his resurrection and replaced by a golden claw, but more recent surgery has given him his own arm back. However, used to many years with the false appendage, he often wears the covering of the old arm as a gauntlet. His most chilling feature, however, is his ruby red eyes, which glow when he becomes in the least bit emotional, an occurance which is rare due to his deeply buried feelings. Infused with alien seraphim cells from the creature Jenova, Vincent's body is in a constant battle to maintain its human shape, the Jenova cells acting like a cancer that must be continuously purged through regeneration. When the cells spread, he takes the form of a fallen angel, with black eyes, black raven wings, and black claws, his ebony hair growing from its usual shoulder length to fall to the backs of his thighs. When angered or hurt, Vincent will take the form of one of four demons who share his body: Galian Beast, a blue-skinned minotaur; Death Gigas, a giant reminiscent of Frankenstein's monster; Hellmasker, a lunatic with a face hidden by a hockey mask and armed with a chainsaw; or Chaos, a huge black and red demon of judgement with a mighty sword, Chaos Saber.

Personality: Vincent was once a kind and caring person, a trait which was buried long ago, first when he became a Turk security agent on his homeworld and further when he became a specimen for the mad scientist Hojo. Now he often comes across as cold and heartless, seldom offering even a hint of a smile. Although he was known in his early life for his great sense of humor, it has now become twisted, showing itself most often in the least appropriate circumstances. He is full of conflict, angered and offended by those who point out his inhumanity or incorrectly refer to him as a vampire, yet making no effort to discourage such assumptions by his behavior or appearance. Angering him too much is a risky business, as he will easily transform into one of his deadly demons. Still, under his dangerous and dark exterior is a good and even friendly person, trying to overcome his tormented past in order to find his true self once more. He can be at times chivalrous, and indeed spends quite a bit of time wandering the dark streets of the bad parts of town to serve as a vigilante force, protecting women and children with his unstated partner, Kaleapheia, also the only woman who has managed to capture his heart since his one true love, Lucretia, the wife of Hojo and mother of his son, Sephiroth. He is highly claustrophobic, but will keep this secret at all costs. He has deep distrust of scientists and doctors.

Element:Wind, secondary Water (suppressed, he tests as having no element and yet all elements through his demonic associates). The demons have the following element: Galian Beast, fire; Death Gigas, wind; Hellmasker, water; Chaos, earth.

Abilities: Vincent can cause fear in just about anyone with his intimidating stare. This gives him an initiative advantage and puts his opponents at a disadvantage should they look him in the eye. He is a superior marksman with both rifle and handgun, and when wearing his gauntlet can also employ that as a melee weapon to great effect. His strength and senses are comparable to his cousin species, vampires. He is able to walk freely in sunlight, never having tasted blood himself, however, he is photophobic and sensative to any flame or holy attack. He is able to regenerate fully with each transformation to demonic form and is believed to be immortal after multiple failed suicide attempts. He is able to communicate telepathically with the only other known Jenova survivors, Sephiroth and Cloud. His abilities as a fallen angel are untested and unknown. He is unable to employ elemental skills in his human form. His training in security gives him an advantage in alertness, only added to by his Sleeper senses. He is skilled in the use of materia, a stone which enables humans to use supernatural magic-like abilities.

The demonic forms have greater strength and stamina, however, taking one of these forms will leave him weak and exhausted if they feed during their appearance. The elemental and special abilities of the demons are: Galian Beast, beast flare (flaming orbs) and berserk dance (multiple fast physical attacks with burning claws); Death Gigas, gigadunk (powerful punch) and livewire (area effect lightning blast); Hellmasker, splattercombo (chainsaw multiple attack) and nightmare (supernatural attack that turns opponent into a sleeping, mute, confused miniature frog); Chaos, chaos saber (single slash of saber that emits area effect of flying razor blades) and Satan slam (a large skull of earth is created under his opponents, emitting hell flames, which then shatters into flying skulls surrounded by hellfire that strike survivors).

Items:High power rifle (Death Penalty), .38 revolver (Peacemaker), automatic 9mm handgun (Supershot ST), leather armor, Mystile bracer (physical defense 50%, magical/elemental defense 60%), Touph ring (vitality and spirit +50), Master Magic materia, Master Command materia, Master Summon materia, claw gauntlet (slash attack)

Family and friends: Grimoire Valentine (Father), Sephiroth Valentine (son), Jake Valentine (nephew), Cid Highwind (best friend), Theot Kolourion (student), Kaleapheia Kolourion (girlfriend)

Theme Songs:Face and Ghost (Live)

Vincent was born in a small town, the son of a gunsmith, but small town life hardly suited the restless youth. At 17 he left home with one of his father's guns, with which he was quite proficient, and set off fot the excitement of the nearby city of Midgar. In spite of his skills, he spent two years just struggling to survive on the streets before his shooting was noticed by a recruiter for the famous Shinra security agency, Turks. Vincent jumped at the chance for adventure combined with a steady paycheck and quickly rose through the ranks of the Turks with his sharp eye and efficiency as a security officer.

At the age of 24, already a captain, he was requested as the head of security for a scientific research team studying the frozen body of an alien being. Vincent joined the team, led by Professor Gast, who took an immediate liking to the gregarious gunman. The other two team members were Gast's assistants, the unstable and ambitious Hojo and the beautiful and intelligent Lucretia. Vincent soon fell in love with Lucretia, who returned his interest, but clashes with Hojo became an annoyance added to the mundane work of providing security in a sleepy mountain village where there was nothing to secure the team from. After Gast departed the team on sabbatical, Lucretia became the sole object of interest of the bored young Turk.

With Gast gone, Hojo started to change the course of the research, using the cells of the alien being, codenamed Jenova, to perform human experiments. Vincent strongly objected to this on moral grounds, but refused to leave the project because of Lucretia. As his love for her grew, he began to think of leaving Turks to marry her and support her career, but when he proposed, he was shocked and horrified to find that she was engaged to Hojo. Undeterred, he continued to be devoted to her and the two had an affair, a matter that hojo seemed to care very little about. Lucretia became pregnant, but insisted that the child was Hojo's, not Vincent's, and quite suddenly broke off their relationship. Heartbroken, Vincent continued to love her from a distance, but when he learned that Hojo and Lucretia planned to infuse the fetus with Jenova cells, he once more intervened, arguing violently with Hojo over the morality of human experimentation. Hojo caught the young Turk off guard and shot him in the heart, killing him.

Not content with merely murdering Vincent, however, Hojo took advantage of a fresh body to perform another Jenova experiment, injecting alien cells into the mortal wound. To his delight, Vincent was resurrected, although still maintaining the appearance of a dead man, with little color to his skin. The insanity of the scientist became sadistically clear when he then hatched a plot to conceal Vincent's death and resurrection from Lucretia with a terrible plan. Surgically removing Vincent's left arm, he threw it to one of the large predatory lab animals to be chewed, then presented the arm as evidence to Lucretia of a horrifying suicide by her lover. Shocked and greiving, Lucretia refused to enter the lab again, allowing Hojo to keep his new specimen hidden away from her.

Hojo continued his experiments and soon discovered that Vincent was indeed different than he had been before his death. Somehow, a demonic creature from beyond had come back with him, the Galian Beast, who would erupt whenever Vincent was pushed to an extreme of pain or anger. Torturing Vincent became his obsession as he sought new ways to make Vincent turn into the Beast so that he could study him. This obsession only faded when Lucretia gave birth to a son, who she named Sephiroth. She was forced to abandon him, however, when the Jenova cells that had also been injected into her inflicted a terrible price in disease and disfigurement, laeving the infant in the cruel fate of being Hojo's other favored specimen.

Told by Hojo that Lucretia had died in childbirth, the captive Vincent devoted himself to caring for the baby, even after Hojo presented evidence to him that it was his son, not Vincent's. Both Vincent and the Galian Beast became so protective of Sephiroth that Hojo was eventually forced to choose which experiment to continue. More interested in the superhuman hybrid he had created than Vincent and his monster, he decided to put Vincent into stasis to prevent his further interference in his plans for Sephiroth. Vincent was sedated, fitted with a monstrous claw to replace his missing arm, and locked into a cryogenic coffin, then forgotten for 25 years.

During those years, Sephiroth was raised by Hojo, becoming a general in the Shinra military, SOLDIER. At the age of 19, he was once more introduced to his 'mother', Jenova. The alien, still alive, took over Sephiroth's mind, sending him on a conquest to destroy the world. A small revolt faction, AVALANCHE, set out to stop Sephiroth, hampered in their efforts by the corporate govenrment of Shinra, which wanted to perserve and use Sephiroth for their own plans of world domination.

On the trail of Sephiroth, the AVALANCHE team encountered Vincent's coffin and freed him, but were shocked to see the vampiric figure that emerged from it. Upon finding out from them that Sephiroth was Jenova controlled and bent on destroying all life, and that his tormentor Hojo still lived, Vincent joined them in order to seek his revenge. During his confinement to the coffin, Vincent had suffered such horrific nightmares, induced by the Jenova cells in his body, that he had suppressed all emotion, little left other than movement to indicate he was alive. He soon discovered that two additional demons had awoken in him as well, a situation that only deepened the unease which most of AVALANCHE felt around him, although they came to rely on the power of the demons in battle. Only two of the members of AVALANCHE were able to get past his cold exterior, Cid Highwind, the worn but courageous pilot, and Red XIII, an intelligent animal who had also been one of Hojo's specimens. The others kept their distance, but noted how he was the opposite of his dark and evil appearance, in fact one of the most loyal and protective of companions in spite of his torment.

Still haunted by his love for Lucretia, Vincent was shocked to find that she was still alive, but in self-imposed exile in a small cave due to her disfigurement. He sought her out, but her only concerns were for the well-being of her son, Sephiroth. Not wanting her to know of the true fate of her beloved child, Vincent told her Sephiroth was dead. When he later sought her out, he found that she was gone. He found a letter from her along with a rifle he had made before his death, the suicide note stating that she had failed as a mother and had thrown herself from the cliffs. The anguish of having played a part in her death as well as the guilt about now being on the hunt to kill her son and her husband awoke Vincent's fourth and final demon, the powerful soul judge, Chaos.

Vincent continued on with AVALANCHE, eventually crossing paths with Hojo, who far from repenting of his evils, seemed to take delight in the fact that his cruel science would result in the end of all life. Enraged, Vincent killed Hojo, who had also transformed himself with Jenova cells, then set out to defeat the child he had once cradled in his one good arm. Although it nearly cost them their lives, AVALANCHE managed to catch up to the transformed and powerful creature which Sephiroth had become as it guarded the one thing that could save the planet from the destruction Sephiroth had set in motion. The intrepid fighting force destroyed the reborn Jenova, then battled Sephiroth to free the power of Holy, the mystical force which could save all life. As the transformed being was defeated, the power of Holy was released, forcing AVALANCHE to flee for safety.

Unknown to the members of AVALANCHE, Sephiroth split into two forms, one being the evil spirit Jenova had created, the other being the 19 year old general who Sephiroth was before Jenova entered his mind and soul. As Cloud, the other surviving Jenova recipient, battled the evil Sephiroth, Vincent fell into the lifestream which was feeding the power of Holy and came face to face with the boy that could have been his son. Knowing the others would never allow him to live, Vincent took pity on the confused and innocent part of Sephiroth and sealed him magically from the effects of Holy.

As the energy of Holy was unleashed, Vincent found himself cut off from the others and unable to rejoin them. the powerful energy attracted the attention of the Wave, the alien species Jenova had belonged to, although she had been rogue and unlike the other elemental beings, who contented themselves with scientific observation of species. The Wave, upon finding Vincent in Holy, and with his unique state of existance, collected him for further study. He was assumed by the rest of AVALANCHE to have perished in the mystic force, but Cid Highwind, who had come to think of him as a worthy friend, set out to search for him. Following the weak electromagnetic trail of the comm set Vincent had been wearing, Cid traced Vincent to the homeworld of the Wave and rescued him, the two escaping on Cid's starship and crashing on the world of Eldridge.

Vincent kept Sephiroth's survival a secret as he and Cid made a new life for themselves on Eldridge, until the day that the spell ended. Finally confessing to his friend that Sephiroth lived, but not as the evil destroyer they had hunted, Vincent asked his help in retreiving him and bringing him to Eldridge, where he could make a new start. Although skeptical, Cid trusted Vincent enough to help him, and together they travelled to their homeworld to save the 19 year old Sephiroth. Sephiroth soon came to trust Vincent as completely as Cid did, seeing past his cold surface to the man underneath. When study of Hojo's notes showed that Vincent was in fact his biological father, SEphiroth was more than willing to accept the relationship, his love for his father beginning to revive the true soul of Vincent as both struggled to come to terms with the cruelties they had suffered and had inflicted upon others against their will.

Vincent is my most tragic character, but I enjoy him for his ability to be funny and good while at the same time dark and menacing. His depression is actually a source of humor rather than a means to bring the whole story down as he makes his morbid comments and acts like a pain to the frustration of those who know he is in fact a gentle and kind person. Will I ever let Vincent excise his emotional demons? Of course not. He wouldn't be Vincent if he were happy and sunny.