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About Xenon

Xenon is a fearsome and enigmatic entity, worshipped by the Xenonists with reverence and trepidation. Taking the form of a sinister serpent, its scales glisten with an ominous crimson hue, radiating an eerie, malefic glow. As the harbinger of destruction and chaos, Xenon is said to possess immense power, capable of reshaping reality and bending it to its dark will.

The Xenonists, a secretive cult that originated centuries ago, are devoted to unraveling the mysteries of Xenon and harnessing its otherworldly energy. They delve deep into forbidden knowledge, seeking forbidden artifacts and ancient texts that hold the key to unlocking Xenon's true potential.

The Xenonists

The Xenonists are a group of scholars, sorcerers, and adventurers united in their pursuit of understanding and manipulating Xenon's power. They gather in hidden sanctuaries, cloaked in shadows, to share their findings and push the boundaries of what is known. Through their relentless study and experimentation, they aim to harness Xenon's power for their own purposes, whether it be unlocking forbidden magics, reshaping reality, or gaining dominion over the realms.

Led by the enigmatic High Archon, the Xenonists operate in secrecy, their activities veiled from the prying eyes of the world. They recruit only the most dedicated and talented individuals, those willing to commit their lives to the pursuit of forbidden knowledge and the service of Xenon.